Journeys in World Politics 2007 Workshop

University of Iowa, April 26th-28th

Flyer for 2007 Workshop

Schedule for 2007 Workshop

Senior Mentors

  • Joanne Gowa, Princeton University
  • Karen Rasler, Indiana University
  • Kelly Kadera, University of Iowa
  • Sara Mitchell, University of Iowa
  • Workshop Participants

    Tyra Blew, University of Kansas

    Bethany Barratt, Roosevelt University, "Human Rights in OECD Aid Decisions"

    Kristen M. Flanagan, University of Pittsburgh, "When Do Third Parties Mediate?

    Hyeran Jo, Texas A&M University, "Monitoring Arrangements in Regional Fisheries Management"

    Leslie Johns, New York University, "Endogenous Compliance, Enforcement, and Jurisdiction in International Adjudication"

    Shanna Kirschner, University of Michigan, "Fear and Ethnic Civil War Duration"

    Jennifer Ramos, University of California, Davis, "How Actions Affect Ideas: Sovereignty and the Global War on Terrorism"

    Stephanie Rickard, Penn State University, "The Costs of Openness: Examining the Missing Link between Globalization and Social Spending"

    Dona Roy, University of South Carolina, "The Effect of Free Trade and Economic Integration on States' Repression of Personal Integrity Rights"

    Laura Sjoberg, Duke University, "'realism' for Feminists: The Production of (apparently) Gender-Emancipatory Policies in Global Politics"

    Patricia L. Sullivan, University of Georgia, "What Price Victory? When Leaders Underestimate the Cost of War"

    Jenifer Whitten-Woodring, University of Southern California, "Watchdog or Lapdog? The Relationship Between Media Freedom from Government Censorship, Level of Democracy/Autocracy and Government Respect for Human Rights"

    Unislawa Wszolek, Ohio State University, "The Use of Mixed Signaling Strategies in Deterrence"

    Alina Zakharchuk, University of North Dakota