Journeys in World Politics 2008 Workshop

University of Iowa, October 9-11

Flyer for 2008 Workshop

Schedule for 2008 Workshop

Readings for 2008 Workshop

Senior Mentors

  • Shannon Blanton, University of Memphis
  • Rose McDermott, Brown University
  • Kelly Kadera, University of Iowa
  • Sara Mitchell, University of Iowa
  • Workshop Participants

    Susan Hannah Allen, University of Mississippi, "Civil-Military Relations and War Aims: A Principal-Agent Explanation"

    Stacy M. Bondanella, University of Pittsburgh, "Intergovernmental Organizations and the Determinants of Member State Interest Convergence"

    Charity Butcher, Grinnell College, "Ethnic Affinity and International Conflict: A Consideration of Independent and Conditional Effects"

    Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham, Iowa State University, "Threats, Promises, and Credibility in International Politics"

    Elizabeth L. Fausett, University of Arizona, "Intergovernmental Organizations and Interstate Conflict: Parsing Out IGO Effects for Alternative Dimensions of Conflict in Post-Communist Space"

    Maryann E. Gallagher, Emory University, "Who Ups the Ante in International Relations? Personality Traits and Risky Foreign Policy"

    Aparna Kher, Binghamton University, "Know then thy self: Delegation and bargaining under complete information"

    Amanda Abigail Licht, University of Iowa, "Coming Into Money: The Impact of Foreign Aid on Leader Tenure"

    Courtenay Ryals, Florida State University, "Constrained Concessions: Dictatorial Responses to the Domestic Political Opposition"

    Burcu Savun, University of Pittsburgh, "The Multi-headed Hydra of Aid: Foreign Aid and Civil War Initiation"

    Agnes Simon, University of Missouri, "Deciding to Go Multilateral: The Presidential Use of Economic Sanctions"

    Jessica KT Stoll, University of Rochester, "Do Opposites Attract? Military Complementarity and Alliance Formation"

    Aimee A. Tannehill, University of California, Davis, "International Aspects of Civil War: A State-Level Examination of the Interstate Conflict-Civil War Nexus"