Journeys in World Politics 2009 Workshop

University of Iowa, October 15-17

Flyer for 2009 Workshop

Schedule for 2009 Workshop

Senior Mentors

  • Xinyuan Dai, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
  • Kelly Kadera, University of Iowa
  • Sara Mitchell, University of Iowa
  • Workshop Participants

    Kanisha Bond, Penn State University, "Examining the Onset of Cooperation among Violent Non-State Actors"

    Kathryn McNabb Cochran, Duke University, "Strong Horse or Paper Tiger: Reputational Effects of War Outcomes"

    Ellen Cutrone, Binghamton University, "How Does Foreign Aid Buy Influence?"

    Daniela Donno, University of Pittsburgh, "Defending Democratic Norms: Regional Intergovernmental Organizations and Democratic Change after Flawed Elections"

    Kara Ellerby, University of Arizona, "Inclusion Diffusion: How Gender Norms and Quotas Go Global"

    Yukari Iwanami, University of Rochester, "Getting Elected: States’ Quest for Non-Permanent Seats and the Initiation of International War"

    Danielle Jung, University of California, San Diego, "An Agent Based Model of the Organizational Ecology of Terrorist Groups"

    Shweta Moorthy, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, "Won't You Join Us? A Social Networks Analysis of Expansion of Militarized Interstate Disputes"

    Ragnhild Nordas, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, "Death by Diversity? Religious State Repression and Rebellion"

    Elizabeth Nyman, Florida State University, "European Maritime History and Management"

    Stefanie Pleschinger, Columbia University, "Coming Up Short: Incomplete Security Guarantees and their Effect on the Duration of Peace after Civil Wars"

    Emily Hencken Ritter, Emory University, "Expecting the Worst: A Strategic Model of Repression and Dissent"

    Thania Sanchez, University of Iowa, "Enforcers Within: Civil Society, Domestic Sanctions, and Compliance with International Agreements."

    Other University of Iowa Participants

    Vanessa Lefler, Program Assistant

    Amanda Keller

    Brian Lai

    Amanda Licht

    Tracy Osborn

    Erica Townsend-Bell