Journeys in World Politics 2010 Workshop

University of Iowa, October 7-9

Flyer for 2010 Workshop

Schedule for 2010 Workshop

Senior Mentors

  • Beth Simmons, Harvard University
  • Kelly Kadera, University of Iowa
  • Sara Mitchell, University of Iowa
  • Workshop Participants

    Sarah Bush, Princeton University, "What Explains Variations in Democracy Assistance Programs? A Quantitative Analysis"

    Tijen Demirel-Pegg, Indiana University, "The Evolution of Protest Waves into Civil Wars: Evidence from Kashmir and Assam"

    Paola Fajardo-Heyward, Canisius College, "Easy Money: Military Assistance and Governments’ Human Rights Practices"

    Lindsay Heger, University of California, San Diego, "Terrorizing Democrats: Political Institutions and Terrorists’ Targeting Decisions"

    Jun Koga, Emory University, "Causes and Consequences of Coup-Proofing Strategies"

    Eliza G. Kelly, University of North Texas, "Gender Equality and Post-Conflict Peace"

    Vanessa Lefler, University of Iowa, "Why Do States Act Through Formal International Organizations in Conflict Management?"

    Michael Mattes, Vanderbilt University, "Reputation, Symmetry, and Alliance Design"

    Eleonora Mattiacci, The Ohio State University, "Anything Short of War: Dyads and the Distribution of Conflict in the System"

    Cynthia McMeekin, University of Georgia, "How Does Foreign Aid Affect Respect for Human Rights in Post-Conflict Societies?"

    Ashley Murph-Schwarzer, University of South Carolina, "Paying for Peace? Investigating the Relationships Between Civil Conflict Outbreak, Human Development, and International Aid"

    Shawn Ling Ramirez, University of Rochester, "Diplomatic Options in the Shadow of an Audience: The Benefits of Private Mediation"

    Jamie Elizabeth Scalera, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign,"Getting What You Want and Avoiding What You Don’t: The Politics of Accession to the GATT/WTO"

    Other University of Iowa Participants

    Vanessa Lefler, Program Assistant

    Olga Chyzh

    Brian Lai

    Thania Sanchez