Journeys in World Politics 2011 Workshop

University of Iowa, November 17-19

Flyer for 2011 Workshop

Schedule for 2011 Workshop

We are extremely grateful to our program assistant, Erin Olsen, and the staff in the Political Science Department at the University of Iowa for their assistance including Karen Stewart and Lucie Gallo.

Senior Mentors

  • Caroline Hartzell, Gettysburg College
  • Valerie Hudson, Brigham Young University
  • Kelly Kadera, University of Iowa
  • Sara Mitchell, University of Iowa
  • Workshop Participants

    Emily Barrett, University of Illinois of Urbana-Champaign, "The Effects of Tangibility and Intangibility on Conflicts and Settlements"

    Katrina Browne, Cornell University, "The War Crimes Paradox: The Effect of Criminalizing State Behavior in Signaling Resolve of War"

    Courtney Burns, University of Missouri, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus? Foreign Policy Decisions and the Gender Gap"

    Olga Chyzh, University of Iowa, "Trusting a Dictator: The Effects of Institutional Variation among Autocracies on Signing and Complying with International Treaties"

    Kerry Crawford, George Washington University, "Learning to Listen and Listening to Learn"

    Andrea Everett, Princeton University, "What Motivates Peace Operations in Complex Emergencies? Explaining Contributions by Highly Capable Democracies"

    Faten Ghosn, University of Arizona, "Are Needs Negotiable? The Role of Participation, Security and Recognition in Keeping the Peace after Civil Wars End"

    Kelly Gleason, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, "Building Out of the ‘Conflict Trap’: The Role of Legal Institutions and the Prevention of Civil War Recurrence"

    Taylor Jacoby, Brigham Young University, "The Ghosts of Violence Past: The Impact of Sexual Violence on Social Capital in Post-Conflict Uganda"

    Abigail Ruane, University of Southern California’s School of International Relations, "Telling a Collaborative Story: Searching for a “Common Good” with Inclusive Roots, not just Inclusive Borders"

    Felicity Vabulas, University of Chicago, "Why do IGOs Grant Formal Access to NGOs? An Exploration of State Motivations in the ECOSOC NGO Committee"

    Leah C. Wells Windsor, University of Mississippi, "The Political Consequences of Climatic Natural Disasters"

    Amy Yuen, Middlebury College, "Consent and Compliance"

    Other University of Iowa Participants

    Erin Olsen, Program Assistant

    Brian Lai

    Vanessa Lefler

    Erica Townsend-Bell


    Career/Gender Discussion #1: Introduction to Gender Issues in Academia (Moderators: Kelly Kadera and Sara Mitchell)
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  • Career/Gender Discussion #2: Publishing & Tenure (Moderators: Sara Mitchell & Caroline Hartzell)
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  • Notes from Webinar on tenure files, organized by the Women in Conflict Studies group.
  • Career/Gender Discussion #3: Reaction and Proaction: Gender in the Classroom (Moderators: Kelly Kadera & Valerie Hudson)
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  • Career/Gender Discussion #4: What do Women Uniquely Bring to the Study of International Relations? (Moderators: Caroline Hartzell & Valerie Hudson)
  • Hudson, Valerie M. 2011. “Why the Academy Needs Female Political Scientists: Examples from International Relations.” Paper presented at the APSA conference.
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