Journeys in World Politics 2013 Workshop

University of Iowa, May 2-4

Flyer for 2013 Workshop

Schedule for 2013 Workshop

We are extremely grateful to our program assistant, Ruoxi Du, and the staff in the Political Science Department at the University of Iowa for their assistance including Shawn Pitton and Jessica Herndon.

Senior Mentors

  • Catherine Langlois, Georgetown University
  • V. Spike Peterson, University of Arizona
  • Kelly Kadera, University of Iowa
  • Sara Mitchell, University of Iowa
  • Workshop Participants

    Sarah Bauerle Danzman, University of North Carolina, "The Political Determinants of Investment Policy in Non-Democracies"

    Jillienne Haglund, Florida State University, "Domestic Implementation of Suprational Court Decisions: The Role of National Human Rights Institutions in Respect for Human Rights"

    Tiffiany Howard, University of Las Vegas, "Pathways to State Failure: Greed or Grievance?"

    Sheherazade Jafari, American University, "Bridging the Religious-Secular Divide within Transnational Women’s Movements? Muslim-Western Partnerships for Women’s Rights"

    Rebecca Kreitzer, University of Iowa, A Morality Policy Diffusion Framework: Explaining State Adoption of Pro and Anti Abortion Rights Policy

    Samantha Lange, University of Iowa, "Shadowy Obstacles to Protection: Political Corruption and its Consequences for the International Human Rights Regime"

    Tracy Kuo Lin, University of California, Davis, "The Unhealthiness of Having Enemies: How External Threat Reduces the Effectiveness of Foreign Health Aid"

    Shawna Metzger, University of Pittsburgh, "High Stakes or Close Proximity?: Explaining the Frequency of Militarization in Disputed Issues"

    Jennifer Miller, University of Arizona, "Structures of Transitional Justice: Examining the Institutional Design and Political Context of Truth Commissions and Ad-Hoc Courts"

    Erin Olsen-Telles, University of Iowa, "Foreign Aid Voting in Congress: Does Gender Matter?"

    Amanda Sanford, University of Tennessee, "Trade Substitution and Conflict Expansion: Are There Resources Worth Fighting For?"

    Theresa Schroeder, University of Kentucky, "Militarization of the State: An Obstacle for Female Politicians?"

    Jacqueline Sievert, SUNY Buffalo, "Incentives for Independence: Explaining the Creation of Independent Courts in Non-Democracies"

    Other Participants

    Ruoxi Du, Program Assistant, University of Iowa

    Christina Kiel, University of New Orleans

    Alyssa Prorok, University of Maryland

    Carie Steele, Texas Tech University


    Career/Gender Discussion #1: Introduction to Gender Issues in Academia (Moderators: Kelly Kadera and Sara Mitchell)
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  • Career/Gender Discussion #2: Publishing, Tenure, & Service (Moderators: Sara Mitchell and Catherine Langlois):
  • Hancock, Kathleen J., Matthew A. Baum, and Marijke Breuning. 2013. “Women and Pre-Tenure Scholarly Productivity in International Studies: An Investigation into the Leaky Career Pipeline.” International Studies Perspectives 1-21.
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  • Notes from Webinar on tenure files, organized by the Women in Conflict Studies group.
  • Career/Gender Discussion #3: Reaction and Proaction: Gender in the Classroom (Moderators: Spike Petersen and Kelly Kadera)
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  • Career/Gender Discussion #4: Valuing Women’s Contributions in Academia (Moderators: Kelly Kadera and Catherine Langlois)
  • Kadera, Kelly. 2013 (forthcoming). “The Social Underpinnings of Women’s Worth in the Study of World Politics: Culture, Leader Emergence, & Coauthorship.” International Studies Perspectives.
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