Journeys in World Politics 2017 Workshop

University of Iowa, May 4-6

Flyer for 2017 Workshop

Schedule for 2017 Workshop

We are extremely grateful to our program assistant, Ruoxi Du, and the staff in the Political Science Department at the University of Iowa for their assistance including Jessica Herndon and Wendy Sandersfeld.

Senior Mentors

  • Deborah Avant, University of Denver
  • Laura Sjoberg, University of Florida
  • Kelly Kadera, University of Iowa
  • Sara Mitchell, University of Iowa
  • Workshop Participants

    Caglayan Baser, Loyola University Chicago, "The Impact of Women Insurgents in Rebel Groups: Rebel Strength and Democratic Sponsorship"

    Kathryn Boehlefeld, University of Notre Dame, "The Professions of Soldiers: A Critical Examination of the Assignment of the Military Tasks"

    Lora DiBlasi, Michigan State University, No Shame, New Name: How Governments Use Pro-Government Militias to Avoid Naming and Shaming"

    Ruoxi Du, University of Iowa, "Explaining International Media Framing of Mass Movements"

    Marina Duque, Ohio State University, "Core-Periphery Structure in the International Status Hierarchy"

    Chelsea Estancona, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, "Natural Resources and Negotiation in Intrastate Conflict"

    Mi Hwa Hong, University of Michigan, "Crafting Reputation before Domestic Audiences: Autocrats with New Support Coalitions and Multiple Ratifications of Human Rights Treaties"

    Hye Ryeon Jang, University of Florida, "China’s Energy Vulnerability, Asymmetric Trade Dependence, and the Escalation of Its Militarized Maritime Disputes"

    Carrie Lee, Stanford University, "Bombs and Ballots: The Search for Peace in Vietnam"

    Melda Ozsut, University of North Texas, "Regional Dynamics in Rentier States: The Struggle Between the Haves and the Have-Nots"

    Julianne Phillips, University of Texas, Austin, "Threat, Abandonment, and Autonomy: The Strategic Incentives for Nuclear Proliferation"

    Carrie Reiling, University of California, Irvine, "Two Models, One Goal: Competing Paths to Implementing Gender Security"

    Jennifer Spindel, University of Minnesota, "Put a Ring on It: Foreign Policy and the Global Weapons Network"

    Other Participants

    Brian Lai, University of Iowa

    Elizabeth Menninga, University of Iowa

    Tracy Osborn, University of Iowa

    Alyssa Prorok, University of Iowa


    Career/Gender Discussion #1: Introduction to Gender Issues in Academia (Moderators: Kelly Kadera and Sara Mitchell)
  • Hudson, Valerie M., Nathaniel Haight, and Christina Fattore. "The 2015 ISA CSW/WCIS Survey on Women in the Profession of International Studies: A Preliminary Analysis." Presented at the 2016 ISA Conference.
  • Blau, Francine, Rachel Croson, Janet Currie, and Donna K. Ginther. 2010. "Can Mentoring Help Female Assistant Professors? Interim Results from a Randomized Trial.” American Economic Review 100(May): 348-352.
  • Presumed Incompetent
  • Career/Gender Discussion #2: Publishing, Tenure, & Service (Moderators: Kelly Kadera & Laura Sjoberg)
  • Hancock, Kathleen J., Matthew A. Baum, and Marijke Breuning. 2013. “Women and Pre-Tenure Scholarly Productivity in International Studies: An Investigation into the Leaky Career Pipeline.” International Studies Perspectives 1-21.
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  • Mitchell, Sara McLaughlin and Vicki L. Hesli. 2013. “Women Don’t Ask? Women Don’t Say No? Bargaining and Service in the Political Science Profession.” PS: Political Science & Politics 46(2): 355-369.
  • Notes from Webinar on tenure files, organized by the Women in Conflict Studies group.
  • Career/Gender Discussion #3: Self Care in the Academy (Moderators: Tracy Osborn & Alyssa Prorok)
  • Visit Project Implicit Mental Health to investigate your “unconscious or uncontrolled reactions” to various mental health problems.
  • Jaschik, Scott. April 22, 2015. “Berkeley Study Finds High Levels of Depression among Graduate Students.” Inside HigherEd .
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  • Career/Gender Discussion #4: Valuing Women’s Contributions as Scholars and Teachers (Moderators: Deborah Avant & Sara Mitchell)
  • Butcher, Charity and Timothy Kersey. 2015. “When Winning is Really Losing: Teaching Awards and Women Political Science Faculty.” PS: Political Science and Politics 48: 138-141.
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