Journeys in World Politics 2018 Workshop

University of Iowa, October 25-27

Flyer for 2018 Workshop

Schedule for 2018 Workshop

We are extremely grateful to our program assistant, Yooneui Kim, and the staff in the Political Science Department at the University of Iowa for their assistance including Jessica Herndon and Allison Hancock.

Senior Mentors

  • Audie Klotz, Syracuse University
  • Megan Shannon, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Kelly Kadera, University of Iowa
  • Sara Mitchell, University of Iowa
  • Workshop Participants

    Caroline Brandt, University of California, Berkeley, "Peace Deals as Counterinsurgency"

    Tiffany Chu, University of Arizona, "The Effect of Leader Turnover on Refugee Repatriation"

    Sangmi Jeong, University of Arizona, "Negotiation in the Street: Foreign Policy Protests and International Bargaining Outcomes"

    Yooneui Kim, University of Iowa, "When a Carrot becomes a Stick: Human Rights Violations and Aid Sanctions of the World Bank"

    Minju Kwon, University of Notre Dame, "Blacklisted Rebels: Commitment to Child Rights in Armed Conflict"

    Caitlin McCulloch, University of Maryland, "When Does the Public Care? Salience of Security Policy to the Public"

    Heidi McNamara, University of California, San Diego, "Who gets in? Nonstate Actor Access to International Organizations"

    Rachel Myrick, Stanford University, "Making Sense of Human Rights Diplomacy: Symbolism or Concrete Impact?"

    Faith Okpotor, Moravian College, "Post-Election Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa: 1990-2012"

    Kimberly Turner, Southern Illinois University, "The Education Bulge: The Road to Mass Protest"

    Saskia van Wees, University of Florida, "Global Prestige Ambitions: Status-Seeking and States' Norm Compliance on Environmental Governance"

    Mikaela Westhoff, Pennsylvania State University, "Tinder and Flame: The Strategic Logic of Mass Killing"

    Kelebogile Zvobgo, University of Southern California, "Exceptionalism and Exemptionalism: Framing U.S. Public Opinion on the International Criminal Court"

    Other Participants

    Brian Lai, University of Iowa

    Elizabeth Menninga, University of Iowa

    Tracy Osborn, University of Iowa

    Elise Pizzi, University of Iowa


    Career/Gender Discussion #1: Introduction to Gender Issues in Academia (Moderators: Kelly Kadera and Sara Mitchell)
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  • Presumed Incompetent
  • Career/Gender Discussion #2: Publishing, Tenure, & Service (Moderators: TBA)
  • Hancock, Kathleen J., Matthew A. Baum, and Marijke Breuning. 2013. "Women and Pre-Tenure Scholarly Productivity in International Studies: An Investigation into the Leaky Career Pipeline." International Studies Perspectives 1-21.
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  • Notes from Webinar on tenure files, organized by the Women in Conflict Studies group.
  • Career/Gender Discussion #3: Self Care in the Academy (Moderators: TBA)
  • Visit Project Implicit Mental Health to investigate your unconscious or uncontrolled reactions to various mental health problems.
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  • Career/Gender Discussion #4: Valuing Women's Contributions as Scholars and Teachers (Moderators: TBA)
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