Journeys in World Politics 2022 Workshop

University of Iowa, October 6-8

Flyer for 2022 Workshop

Schedule for 2022 Workshop

We are extremely grateful to our program assistant, Willow Kreutzer, and the staff in the Political Science Department at the University of Iowa for their assistance including Wendy Sandersfeld and Molly Kilker.

Senior Mentors

  • Molly Melin, Loyola University Chicago
  • Burcu Savun, University of Pittsburgh
  • Kelly Kadera, University of Iowa
  • Sara Mitchell, University of Iowa
  • Workshop Participants

    Lotem Bassan-Nygate, "How Does Shaming Human Rights Violators Shape Attitudes at Home?"

    Christina Boyes, "Rebels Don't Want All the Natural Resources: Insights from the novel Global Energy and Mineral Resource Dataset (GEMRoaD)"

    Elizabeth Brannon, "Labored Legacies: The Post-Conflict Implications of Women's Wartime Participation"

    Elisa D'Amico, "The Climate-Conflict Nexus: Urban Migration and Methodological Innovations"

    Jennifer Dumas, "Gender Inequality and Political Violence: The Impacts of Female Empowerment on Terrorism"

    Iasmin Goes, "How 'Soft'' Advice From International Organizations Can Catalyze Natural Resource Sector Reform"

    Baylee Harrell, "Man! I Feel Like a Woman (Combatant): Female Rebels and One-sided Violence"

    Myung Jung Kim, "Crumbling Havens and Conflict Amnesties for Serious Crimes in the Era of Accountability"

    Willow Kreutzer, "Purposeful Peace Provisions: A Study of Peace Agreement Provisions and the Effect on Peace Duration in Civil War States"

    Bomi Lee, Washington University, St. Louis, Discussant. Learn more about her research here!

    Apekshya Prasai, "Understanding Women's Inclusion in the People's War in Nepal (1996-2006)"

    P. Deanne Roark, "Gendered Conflict, Gendered Justice: Unpacking the Relationship Between Conflict Sexual Violence and Transitional Justice"

    Nila Zarepour-Arizi, "International Sanctions: Another Barrier in Protecting the Environment"

    Gladys Zubiria, "Does Context Matter? Gender Provisions and Corruption Perception in Post-Agreement Scenarios"

    Other Participants

    Elizabeth Menninga, University of Iowa

    Tracy Osborn, University of Iowa

    Elise Pizzi, University of Iowa


    Career/Gender Discussion #1: Introduction to Gender Issues in Academia (Moderators: Kelly Kadera and Sara Mitchell)
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  • Presumed Incompetent
  • Career/Gender Discussion #2: Valuing Women's Contributions as Scholars and Teachers (Moderators: Elise Pizzi & Burcu Savun)
  • Butcher, Charity and Timothy Kersey. 2015. "When Winning is Really Losing: Teaching Awards and Women Political Science Faculty." PS: Political Science and Politics 48: 138-141.
  • Colgan, Jeff. 2017. "Gender Bias in International Relations Graduate Education? New Evidence from Syllabi." PS: Political Science & Politics 50: 456-460.
  • Career/Gender Discussion #3: Self Care in the Academy (Moderators: Kelly Kadera and Tracy Osborn)
  • Visit Project Implicit Mental Health to investigate your unconscious or uncontrolled reactions to various mental health problems.
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  • Career/Gender Discussion #4: Valuing Women's Contributions as Scholars and Teachers (Moderators: Molly Melin and Sara Mitchell)
  • Djupe, Paul A., Amy Erica Smith, and Anand Edward Sokhey. 2019. “Explaining Gender in the Journals: How Submission Practices Affect Publication Patterns in Political Science." PS: Political Science & Politics 52(1): 71-77.
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