Building Synergies: Institutions and Cooperation in World Politics, October 12th-14th, 2006

Department of Political Science, University of Iowa

Hosted by Sara McLaughlin Mitchell

This conference brings together members of the International Treaty Research and Analysis Group (ITRAG), a group of scholars from multiple disciplines who are collecting data on international treaties and organizations. The conference will allow for communication among different data collection projects and focus on how ITRAG datasets give us leverage for understanding the effects of treaty and IO design on the likelihood of successful interstate cooperation. Topics covered include environmental agreements, security institutions, military alliances, territorial agreements, multilateral negotiations & treaties, executive agreements, legal agreements, and commitments to the International Court of Justice. The conference is sponsored by the Benjamin F. Shambaugh Memorial Fund and the University of Iowa Social Sciences Funding Program (SSFP), with support from the Department of Political Science and the International Treaty Research and Analysis Group (ITRAG).




Ronald Mitchell & Steve Rothman, University of Oregon, "Creating Large N Databases from Qualitative Information: Lessons from International Environmental Agreements"

John P. Willerton, University of Arizona, Tatiana Vashchilko, Penn State University, Kathy L. Powers, Penn State University, Mikhail Beznosov, University of Arizona, and Gary Goertz, University of Arizona, "Complex Security Institutions: Nested Bilateralism in the Commonwealth of Independent States"

Paul R. Hensel, Florida State University, Michael E. Allison, University of Scranton, and Ahmed Khanani, Indiana University, "Territorial Integrity Treaties and the Management of Territorial Claims"

Michaela C. Mattes, Vanderbilt University, "Conciliatory Agreements and the Durability of Peace"

Michael Gilligan, New York University and Nicole Simonelli, Duke University, "International Multilateral Agreement Negotiations"

Brandon C. Prins, Texas Tech University and Bryan W. Marshall, Miami University (Ohio), "International Commitments in an Era of Unilateral Presidential Power: A Comparison of the Treaties and Executive Agreements made by the Administrations of George W. Bush and Theodore Roosevelt"

John King Gamble, Penn State Behrend, "The Comprehensive Statistical Database of Multilateral Treaties (CSDMT) Project"

Paul F. Diehl, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and Charlotte Ku, ASIL, "The Context of Law-Making and the Law that is Made: How the International Legal Operating System Influences the Normative System"

Sara McLaughlin Mitchell, University of Iowa and Emilia Justyna Powell, Georgia Southern University, "Legal Systems and Variance in the Design of Commitments to the International Court of Justice"

Brett Ashley Leeds, Rice University, and Burcu Savun, University of Pittsburg, "Premature Alliance Termination: Explaining Decisions to Abrogate or Renegotiate Existing Alliances"

Douglas M. Gibler, University of Alabama, "The Costs of Reneging: Reputation and Alliance Formation"


Xinyuan Dai, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Kelly M. Kadera, University of Iowa

Brian Lai, University of Iowa

Jana von Stein, University of Michigan

Doug Stinnett, University of Georgia


Adam Irish, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Amanda Licht, University of Iowa

Stephen C. Nemeth, University of Iowa

Jeffrey Stout, University of Iowa